I Believe…

I have listed my current “I Believe” statements below, and look forward to adding more throughout my learning journey:

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-In a positive outlook towards education

-In inclusive education for all

-We must work together

-In having resources for each person’s individual learning

-In inclusive education for all

-In having a safe, inclusive environment as a crucial part of learning

-Everyone deserves respect

-That learning is beautiful

-Our words have power

-That I will be an amazing teacher and will always be willing to become a better educator than I was yesterday

-In showing deep enthusiasm and passion for what I teach

-All students deserve to be noticed

-Everyone has the ability to learn

-I have the ability to build strong bonds and relationships with my students

-I am learning and improving with each experience

-Everyone has value

-We are able to learn from one another

-Learning never ends

-In the continuous evolvement of technology

-Learning together is powerful

-In having an open mind

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