Here’s to the End! (But not Really…)

As this semester comes to a close, so does my time in EDTC300, which also means the end of my learning project. Having the opportunity to learn yoga during my second semester of University has been an experience like no other. With yoga, I have had the chance to learn that my body is capable of so much more than I ever thought it was, I have been able to gain valuable feedback and positivity from my peers, learned how important it is to be in the present moment. Most important of all, that patience is vital. Going beyond all that I have accomplished with my yoga, I have also gained a higher level of confidence, showing my progress to others online, socializing and giving feedback to others on their projects, learned where and how to find useful resources online, along with learning to edit videos! I pushed myself beyond what I thought I would in this class and successfully learned how to edit several videos to document my progress throughout the semester and upload them to Youtube. It is safe to say that learning Yoga has been a fantastic adventure, and I am happy to say it is one that will continue after my completion of EDTC300.

Learning Project #1- You’re Doing What?!

  • Introduction to my project
  • What inspired me to choose yoga
  • What I hope to achieve through my project
  • Finding resources which could be helpful for my journey

Learning Project #2- I did it! Well sort of…

  • Positives and negatives about my first resource
  • My first step of learning
  • Story-time
  • Finding out that I can challenge my body

Learning Project #3-  A Rough Start…

  • Rough week due to being very sick and having a lack of energy
  • Sharing beneficial resources
  • Continuing to enjoy the positivity and spark that yoga gives my body
  • Expanding my yoga vocabulary by sharing a resource and summary on my favourite pose

Learning Project #4- My Fourth Week of Flowing Forwards!

  • Practices continue to feel very beneficial, still using Yoga with Adriene
  • I began to practice yoga on my own without videos
  • Used yoga blocks for the very first time
  • Challenging my balance and testing my frustration
  • Sharing images of my progress for the first time

Learning Project #5- Experimenting with Yoga and Video Editing

  • Using iMovie to edit a video of my practice (step-by-step)
  • Testing my patience through iMovie
  • Tried out a video from Yoga with Kassandra
  • Happy that I successfully edited my first video (with challenges, of course)!

Learning Project #6- Finding my Flow

  • Migrated back to more of Adriene’s videos
  • Becoming more comfortable taking photos of myself in different poses and stretches
  • Using the internet to learn stretches and proper techniques to use with yoga blocks
  • Making use of the yoga resources at my gym (mats, blocks, etc.)
  • Feeling my flexibility increasing
  • Finding out that my body has begun to crave more yoga and movement

Learning Project #7- Happy Practice = Happy Moments

  • Trying out a new practice from Sarah Beth Yoga
  • Sharing updated progress photos as a follow-up from a few weeks back
  • Seeing progress in my body and its posing
  • Realizing that yoga is something I will continue to pursue after the conclusion of my learning project

Learning Project #8- Channelling my Inner Cat-Cow

  • Joining a community called Yoga Journal on Twitter
  • Setting a goal to learn three new poses a week
  • Sharing more progress photos and new poses I have learned
  • Attended my first in-person yoga class
  • Created a video to demonstrate how to do my favourite yoga pose (cat-cow) step by step
  • Having a setback with my project since my gym closed due to COVID-19 (my gym has a full open room with equipment, which is where I usually practiced)

My Top Takeaways:

-The internet is full of resources and is one giant resource in itself. Before my yoga learning journey, I had seen yoga online before but didn’t think it would be valid through a screen. Throughout my research and learning journey, I have realized that the internet is a great way to learn almost anything new because of the thousands of resources available such as videos, images, websites, etc.

-This learning project has taught me that it can be more difficult than you think to present yourself online, but it is nothing to be scared of. Initially, I was afraid to post images and videos of myself online to document my progress. Still, through time, it played an essential part in deeply benefitting me and my learning journey. When I created a new post each week on my blog, I always had classmates offering tips and positive encouragement.

-Before starting this project, I can say that I definitely underestimated yoga. Learning yoga was a commitment of my mind, spirit, and soul, but also my time. There were days when I found it challenging to fit in my practice or when I felt discouraged that I couldn’t do a pose correctly, but it has all been worth it. Yoga is something I have been eyeing up for a long time, and I am so happy I chose to go forward with it as my learning project. I will always be grateful to have had his opportunity to push my learning to a whole new level with only a screen and a yoga mat. I am proud to say that I feel as though I have come a long way since the beginning and that yoga is something that will be following me into my future.

I am so happy with how my learning project turned out. Still, it would not have been possible without my very supportive EDTC300 classmates, and for Katia for allowing me to challenge myself by learning something new using the online world. I am thrilled with how I have progressed with my yoga practice throughout the semester, and I can’t wait to continue my practice and new skills well into the future!


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Channelling my Inner Cat-Cow

I am happy to say that the past couple of weeks have been very productive in terms of my Learning Project!

As I was scrolling through Twitter, I came across an account called Yoga Journal. It is a page that shares not only useful tools around yoga but with overall well-being too. One thing I also love that they do is that they interview different yoga instructors from around the world. It is super cool to see how yoga is different around the globe, and this is a community I cannot wait to keep using to enhance my practice.

Yoga Journal on Twitter!

This week instead of doing practices from Youtube, I decided to do some deeper digging on the internet and look for other resources. My prime focus for this week’s practice was to work on my formation and strength. After finding the Yoga Journal on Twitter, I did some more research on the internet and was able to find their website, and I wish I would have found it sooner! The site has a list of poses with names from all levels. I thought I would give some of the intermediate ones a shot, and I think they don’t look too bad.

Along with the list of poses, they also have videos, tips, meditation, and more on their website. Safe to say this resource will be coming in handy in the next few weeks! I am going to set a goal for myself to learn 3 new poses each week and share them with photos, to see how much I can teach my body.

Boat Pose
Bow Pose
Camel Pose

Just over a week ago, on Friday before my gym closed due to the COVID-19 concerns, I attended an in-person yoga class at the gym I go to. I built up the courage to participate in my first yoga class on my own, and it is something I will surely do again. In terms of difficulty, I found it to be quite simple since the main focuses were on breath and proper positioning. The instructor asked the other members what they wanted to work on during the class, and me being there for the first time, I just went with the flow and did what everyone else did. It was so refreshing and eye-opening to do a class in person, rather than off of the screen. Like I said, I can see myself going to another class if I need some time of relaxation and stretch, but in terms of difficulty, I may keep attending them once COVID-19 is over, and the gym opens back up, to see what else is in store for me.

Since I didn’t want to take any photos during my yoga class, I thought I would create an informational video on how to perform one of my favourite yoga poses/stretches called the Cat-Cow. I find it very beneficial when I need a good stretch in my lower back, to work on my breathing, or just to ease any tension. I hope you enjoy it, and that is all I have for this week.

Do you have any useful yoga resources? If so, feel free to share them below.

Stay tuned for next week’s post to see what I learn and find out next!

Namaste// -Jaelyn

Happy Practice = Happy Moments

This past week for my yoga practice, I focused on the technical and strength aspects of yoga. I also took a step out of my comfort zone and instead of using a video from Yoga with Adriene, I chose to select a video from a new instructor’s channel named Sarah Beth Yoga. On her channel, there are tons of yoga videos! I am now doing intermediate vinyasa routines, so it was nice to experience practice from someone new! I went with her Full Body Yoga Flow Flow Intermediate Vinyasa Routine, and oh my goodness, did I ever feel the heat! Although the video was a short 20 minutes, I was definitely sweating by the end. One thing I liked with Sarah’s video is that all the moves felt more connected in a sense, and she also gave visual modifications if viewers were struggling with a particular pose. I am happy I tried out one of Sarah’s videos because it worked my body, to say the least, and can see myself using more of her videos soon.

This week I also thought it would be fun to make some progress update photos for myself. If you have been following me along my journey, you will see that the images I have posted below are the same photos in my post from a few weeks back, but with improved progress. I went back to the pictures I took of myself before and recreated the images with hopes to be able to see the progress that my body has been feeling. I am so happy to see how far I have come since I first started practicing yoga! As much as I do enjoy learning from online videos and practices, I have found it beneficial to also take a step back and work on my poses with the guidance of my body too. Being able to see my progress has helped me realize the passion I have gained for yoga thus far in my learning project, and how it is something I will pursue and continue into my future. Here’s to even more progress and happy moments with the weeks to come!

Namaste// – Jaelyn

Left-side Dancer Pose (Leg is up higher, and body appears to be more relaxed.)
Right-side Dancer Pose (Body is leaning out further, and leg is extended out more.)
“Malasana” or Yoga Squat Pose (Both feet are flat on the floor slightly improved extension from the lower back, and slight improvement of the chest is more opened up. Although elbows need to be tucked into knees more and pushing apart.)

Finding my Flow

Over the course of this past week, I feel as though I have made significant improvements to my yoga practice. I have begun to practice stretches and different poses on my own, and even without video. My practice has helped me learn that it is important to listen to my body, which is why I did half my assignment this week with the internet, and the other portion without.

For the online usage of my learning project this week, I used a yoga video from…. you guessed it, Adriene! The video I chose was one from her intermediate yoga series titled Total Body Yoga- Deep Stretch. I am happy to say the practice I did from Adriene this week has been one of my favourite ones to date. There was so much stretching and work on both breath control and poses, which is what I love about yoga. I find that each week is a new challenge for my body and mind, and is something I look forward to more and more.

Along with my online practice this week, I also chose to do some practicing on my own and letting my body move however it wished to. I held some stretches and allowed my body to practise breath control. After doing my own practice, my body and mind craved more, so I decided to challenge myself even more by stretching with yoga blocks. It was my first time doing deep stretching with yoga blocks, and I can definitely tell you, it will not be my last. My back and shoulders have been bugging me all week, so what a better way than to target specific areas with a deep stretch? Check out my progress photos below! If you would have asked me a few weeks ago if I was comfortable taking photos of myself in different poses/stretches in a public place, I would have said heck no! Now I have become more comfortable in accepting my body and am very happy to display my progress to others. I have also been very thankful that the gym I go to has an open room with yoga mats and blocks, which has allowed me to have a proper set location to practice in.

To summarize what I have learned this week:

  • My body has begun to crave more yoga and movement!
  • My flexibility is improving.
  • I am more comfortable trying new experiences that are able to benefit my practice.
  • Yoga blocks are something that I am going to incorporate into my practice more in order to gain better alignment, flexibility, strength and stamina.

Stay tuned for next week’s post!

Have you ever tried using yoga blocks before? If so, please post any tips and different poses that have found to be beneficial!



Experimenting with Yoga & Video Editing

This past week has been full of learning experiences relating to technology. While I was home over the break, I continued my yoga practice and decided that I would choose iMovie as my editing tool for the combined blog post this week. I used iMovie when I was younger to make goofy little movie trailers, but never before to edit a video myself. The app is only accessible for Apple users, so it was automatically downloaded onto my phone and computer. I chose to use the program and edit my video off of my laptop for better visibility and larger screen size. Using a video editor app also helped me learn that I am a crazy perfectionist. Let’s just say it was quite the experience… I think I made 4 different videos before I had one that met my expectations.

To start off with, I added my three videos into iMovie that I wanted to merge together as one. After adding them in, I tried to speed them up (which was my main reason for using a video editor). It took me a while, but I finally found out how by clicking the speed gage at the top of the small screen, and changing the speed to “fast.” Next, I added in some music and found out that Youtube has excellent music add-ins that are entirely free to use. The only downside to iMovie is that they only have sound effects to efficiently use, but not pre-made music. After adding in sound, I went in and muted the sound that was embedded in the videos from when I recorded them. To finish, I added some transitions to help the video flow better and a title page to help add some appeal at the beginning and end. After I finished all my editing, I saved it to my computer and then quickly uploaded it to Youtube.

To say the least, I found myself becoming more comfortable with the app through trial and error, and it is something I could see myself using again.

It took me a long time to figure it out… but I found out you can choose a variety of speeds for your video. (Which is why I wanted to use a video editor in the first place)
I also decided to add some calming music to my video to help viewers feel the calmness that yoga has to offer. The music I used was free from Youtube through their editor.
Figuring out how to mute the sound from my videos was also challenging since I didn’t think anyone would want to listen to my dogs running around upstairs. Once I found the button, it was smooth sailing from there!
Next, I thought it would be nice to add some transitions to help the frames of the different videos flow better.
Lastly, I added a title to the beginning and end to add more appeal to my video.

In terms of my yoga journey, in the first portion of the video, I chose to switch things up and try a video from Yoga with Kassandra titled 30 min Full Body Yoga – Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga. I did make it through the video, but can’t say I was a huge fan. With Adriene’s videos, I feel more comfortable and aware of what I was supposed to do during the video. Although it was good to try a video from someone new this week, I have a feeling I will slowly migrate back to Adriene’s videos again. In the second clip of the video, I chose to create my own flow, which was super fun. It was nice to allow my body to move for itself with the different poses I have learned over the past few weeks. My balance and flexibility are improving more and more, which I am very proud of. I am now even able to calmly balance myself in a headstand. The last portion of the video may not appear as if it is moving very fast, it is because I am trying to learn the Crow Pose through one of Adriene’s videos: How to do Crow Pose.

Have you ever used iMovie before? What was your experience with it?

Anyways, that is all I have for this week! Stay tuned for another update next week. //Namaste// -Jaelyn

My Fourth Week of Flowing Forwards!

This week was, by far, one of the best weeks on my learning project journey so far. I feel as though my practices were so beneficial to me and my body. My schoolwork has been neverending, so yoga was a great way for me to listen to my body and find a sense of relaxation. Again this week, I used two videos from Yoga with Adriene. The first one I used was titled 30-Minute Yoga With Adriene to Reduce Stress, and it was a beginner vinyasa flow. After completing the first video, I began to feel as though my body was wanting more from my practice, so I felt as though it was time for me to step it up and try more advanced exercises. As the saying goes: “A little goes a long way,” so I opted for another one of Adriene’s videos, this one more advanced and called Power Yoga Break | Yoga for Weight LossI am most definitely not using my journey to aid in weight loss, but safe to say, I definitely felt the burn in my arms, core, glutes, and legs after the video, but the right kind of burn! There was definitely some sweat mixed in too. Beginning to use more advanced videos has taught me that even the most simple looking movements can be complicated. I am excited to try out more advanced videos to test and see what my body is capable of.

Since I was sick and feeling out of sorts last week, my energy level was shallow, but this week I am feeling back to normal, so I thought it would be an excellent time to put my body up to a challenge. After each video I used, I took some time to practice several poses, learn new ones, and also began using yoga blocks. I have never looked at myself as being a flexible person but using a block really put my balance and flexibility to the test. I was able to find out that I am more flexible in one leg than the other (see in pictures below). The first time I used a block, I began to feel quite frustrated because I was finding it hard to balance. Once I began to feel the frustration, I stopped and stood back, took a few deep breaths, and then tried it again. I find it very important that my brain is focused and in the moment when using the blocks to help myself relax and avoid the frustration. But I know if I continue using them and put my mind to it, that I will get better the more I practice. 

I hope you enjoyed my post this week, and stay tuned for my next yoga post in two weeks!


A Rough Start…

If I’m honest… I would have to say I didn’t have the best practice this week. I have been battling a nasty cold for the past week, which left me with next to no energy! Having not a lot of energy made it difficult for me to find the motivation to do some yoga… but I’m proud to say I did it! I have posted the two videos I did this week below, and I realize that they aren’t as long as the ones I usually do. Still, I thought it was vital for me to listen to my body this week and take it easy, which will help me have even more energy for my practice next week! Like the title from one of the videos I used this week says: “A Little Goes a Long Way.”

Again this week, I tried out two classes from Yoga With Adriene, and she just continues to amaze me with each of her videos. Not only have her videos helped me feel the physical benefits such as improving flexibility, but I have also begun to notice an improvement in my emotional and mental health. If I am having a stressful day, I find myself turning to simple activities such as stretching or using some deep breathing techniques. I have learned those activities and many others, all thanks to my journey through yoga so far! When I first began my yoga practice, I found my mind wandering a lot, rather than taking in the moment and trying to feel relaxed and at ease. After using just a few videos, I can’t even put into words how thankful my body is after finishing a class. One has to honestly try yoga to believe and understand what I am talking about.

As I was finishing up one of my practices this week from with the video titled Full Body Flow, I think I realized what my favourite yoga pose is thus far. Adriene ended the video by having her viewers in the position of Shavasana. The Shavasana pose is when one is laying on their back with their arms and legs comfortably apart and is generally used at the end of a practice to allow one to meditate, and finish in a feeling of peace and relaxation. As I laid on the floor with my arms spread-out and relaxed, I found myself in a sense of peace and content with my body. Adriene also instructs her viewers to stay in the position for as long as one feels necessary, and if I could, I would probably stay there for an hour. Of course, I would have to be careful because if I begin to feel so relaxed while lying on my mat, I just may fall into a nap…

That is all I have for my weekly yoga update, but stay tuned for next week because my body feels as though it is up for a challenge, so I am going to listen and begin using some tools to help enhance my practice.