Happy Practice = Happy Moments

This past week for my yoga practice, I focused on the technical and strength aspects of yoga. I also took a step out of my comfort zone and instead of using a video from Yoga with Adriene, I chose to select a video from a new instructor’s channel named Sarah Beth Yoga. On her channel, there are tons of yoga videos! I am now doing intermediate vinyasa routines, so it was nice to experience practice from someone new! I went with her Full Body Yoga Flow Flow Intermediate Vinyasa Routine, and oh my goodness, did I ever feel the heat! Although the video was a short 20 minutes, I was definitely sweating by the end. One thing I liked with Sarah’s video is that all the moves felt more connected in a sense, and she also gave visual modifications if viewers were struggling with a particular pose. I am happy I tried out one of Sarah’s videos because it worked my body, to say the least, and can see myself using more of her videos soon.

This week I also thought it would be fun to make some progress update photos for myself. If you have been following me along my journey, you will see that the images I have posted below are the same photos in my post from a few weeks back, but with improved progress. I went back to the pictures I took of myself before and recreated the images with hopes to be able to see the progress that my body has been feeling. I am so happy to see how far I have come since I first started practicing yoga! As much as I do enjoy learning from online videos and practices, I have found it beneficial to also take a step back and work on my poses with the guidance of my body too. Being able to see my progress has helped me realize the passion I have gained for yoga thus far in my learning project, and how it is something I will pursue and continue into my future. Here’s to even more progress and happy moments with the weeks to come!

Namaste// – Jaelyn

Left-side Dancer Pose (Leg is up higher, and body appears to be more relaxed.)
Right-side Dancer Pose (Body is leaning out further, and leg is extended out more.)
“Malasana” or Yoga Squat Pose (Both feet are flat on the floor slightly improved extension from the lower back, and slight improvement of the chest is more opened up. Although elbows need to be tucked into knees more and pushing apart.)

6 Replies to “Happy Practice = Happy Moments”

  1. It is awesome that you are finding different ways to learn yoga poses. I also really liked that you put your progress pictures in your post as well! It is always nice to look back and see the progress that has been made. I’m excited to see what other poses you learn!


    1. Thank you, Sarah! At this point in time, I wish I would have done progress photos each week, but I guess that is why it is called a learning project. I am going to continue my yoga practice even after EDTC300 is over, so it’ll be nice to have some ideas going forward for my posts. I am happy you are seeing progress too. Thank you for following along!


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