A Mom’s Opposition to the Use of Youtube

This week I partnered up with my fellow EDTC300 classmate, Brooke, to document a conversation around the possible opposition of a tool (Youtube):

concernedmom101: Hi Miss Sali! John came home after school today and told me that he is required to make a video for one of his classes, and I am finding it to be a cause for concern. I have known YouTube to be a very negative platform, making it highly unsafe for children with some of the content that is allowed to be posted. Can you please clarify why this is being used and what it’s purpose is?

misssali: Hello! Thank you for expressing your questions and concerns. I plan to use YouTube in the classroom to help students create videos for their projects. With this project we will not be consuming media on YouTube, rather students will be posting their own videos. Videos are very helpful for me to asses speaking outcomes in the curriculum. It is especially helpful for those students who feel uncomfortable presenting in front of the class. Video format also allows students to be more creative. I have asked students to create an account so they can post their assignments. YouTube is a fantastic way for students to get their videos to me, as sometimes we run into problems getting videos from various devices to work. Videos such as these are also helpful for me when marking because I can go back and ensure they are meeting the requirements, and well as rewatch in case I miss anything. This is an advantage over presenting live as I can watch it as much as I need, and students can ensure they submit their best work in video platforms. An added bonus of YouTube is it allows me to teach online safety at the same time!
If you have any more specific questions or concerns don’t hesitate to message me! Best, Miss Sali

concernedmom101: Thank you for your response. It has helped clear up some of my worries. However, I still have some concerns about privacy with John using and uploading videos of himself to YouTube. I’m not sure if I am comfortable with videos of my child speaking with his face on camera being out there for everyone to see. Is there any way that a restriction can be put on that only you can see his video? I am also worried about his name and personal information being easy for others to access on his account. What is some safety that I should know with having my son on YouTube? And is he going to learn how to be safe online before he uses this resource?

misssali: Hey! That is an excellent question about privacy! We have discussed as a class online safety, including what you should not include in a username, including your name or where you live. We have also talked about strong passwords and how to keep your identity online safe. As for the videos themselves, I ask the students to post their videos unlisted. This means that only the people with the link will be able to view the video. We are going over how to do this in class this week, but if you want to read more about it I have attached a great article that explains what this means and how to do this .  Students have the option when posting the video to make it unlisted or private, meaning nobody will see it but the class and myself!If students or their parents feel uncomfortable showing their face, they can use photos the illustrate what they are talking about and do a voice-over, or create a stop motion project. There are many apps and programs that help with this. You can use MovieMaker on a computer, or iMovie on Apple products. There are also stop motion apps on the app store such as Stop Motion Studio. Be sure to make sure the app has no hidden charges. For this particular app, you will have to take the pictures in-app or else it will ask you to pay money to import pictures taken on the device’s camera. I hope this clears up any worries! Best, Miss Sali

concernedmom101: Hi Miss Sali, I appreciate your professional response to my concerns. It sounds like you have extensive knowledge on this topic and in relation to other technology apps which is very reassuring. With how scary the internet can be nowadays, it causes me to be a bit freaked when I hear that my child is going to be on it. Thank you for also being open to alternatives to children and their parents who aren’t comfortable posting or having their faces on different things that are to be posted on the internet. I do also like how you are going to make sure that my son and his classmates are going to be properly educated on internet privacy and safety before they begin.
I do appreciate all of your knowledgeable responses on my concerns. Thank you for clearing everything up!

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